Outdoor Bar Sound System Design by Octasound

Sound system design that is easy to operate with full range audio

Design Goals

  • System will be intuitive and easy to operate for everyone.
  • Provide full range, intelligible audio with clear and crisp bass.
  • Components will be weather resistant and can withstand humidity.
  • Customers will be able interface and play music via Bluetooth™ and aux interface.
  • Interface will remain compatible with future components.
  • System will never require any software maintenance or updates.
  • Custom color speakers for blending into the environment.

Product Selection

Input Devices

  • Octasound RABX2 – Bluetooth™ and aux input plate.
    • Intuitive and easy to operate. Plug in or pair a device and adjust volume.
    • Conductive plastic, metal shaft, sealed volume controls will not rust or oxidize.
    • Double anodized aluminum. Product markings are permanent and will not wear off.
    • Can be installed anywhere an input is required and up to 1000 ft away from amplifier.


    • Dual woofer bipole design for clear, crisp and deep bass response.
    • Protects other speakers from damaging low frequencies.
    • Durable impact resistant coating and grills


Outdoor Bar Sound System