Walper Hotel Banquet Hall Sound System

Walper Hotel Banquet Hall Sound System

Banquet Hall Sound System – Walper Hotel

When the Famous Walper Hotel in Kitchener Ontario decided to undergo a large renovation they also decided it was time for a sound system change. Their current system is digital with programmed touch screens. It’s operating complexity limited the operation to one knowledgeable staff member. It was a risk to their banquet hall rental operations when it came to providing an in house sound system.

When Octasound Controllers and mixers were demonstrated as a solution there was no hesitation to purchase and install.  They knew Octasound would save setup time and simplify their day to day operation. Every staff member can easily change music sources, plug in a Mic or play music. Clients and guests now enjoy a flawless easy to use interface that doesn’t require a lengthy orientation.  It’s win win for Staff and End-Users.

There are 7 Zones in the current installation with each zone being able to source select from two background music channels or use their own music source by plugging into the RAMX2 Mic and Aux Mixers located throughout the hotel. 


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  • March 20, 2020