Octasound Makes Cents in Retail

Grocery Store Sound System Solution

Retail Speaker - OctasoundThe newest location of Dad’s organic market in Yorkton, Saskatchewan utilized a single Octasound SP800A speaker to bring joy to both their customers ears and their budget.

Drew Elder, Franchise Development Manager was frustrated with the high cost and lack of performance of a sound system they installed at another location. When he contacted KDM for a quote he was skeptical about the low price. He had to be convinced that a single Octasound SP800A would be the recommended solution. Here is what he had to say after the installation.

I just wanted to send a short note to express thanks for your assistance on the audio system in the new Yorkton location. The speaker works great as you confidently knew would. It was also a pleasure to save thousands of dollars in the install; all that was required was a tall ladder to run the speaker wire to the amplifier location. In our previous store construction, we spent thousands of dollars to have electricians fish wire from several locations throughout the ceiling to the amplifier in the office; PLUS, we spent thousands of dollars more on a competitive conventional speaker & amplifier system. I’m glad I trusted my gut instincts and your confidence. We will most certainly include you once again when planning the audio system on future projects.