Budo MMA Fitness Gym

Budo MMA Fitness Gym

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  • March 19, 2020
Project Description

In 2017 Budo MMA gym was presented with a live demo of the Octasound Speakers, Source Selector, and Remote Audio Input Mixers. The sound clarity, deep bass, and intuitive controls were all the client needed to hear and see for Budo MMA to chose Octasound for their 25,000 sq. ft. gym sound system.

The proposed sound system was to provide a comfortable level of background music and, when required, be able to provide a louder invigorating “audio experience”. The intuitive Octasound remote audio controls also ensured that their staff wouldn’t have to spend valuable time training staff and users on using the sound system. The audio controls RABX2, RASX4 and RAMX2 eliminate any setup issues / delays for fitness classes. Instructors easily connect for Audio via Bluetooth or headphone jacks and plug in their Microphones.  It’s always ready to go/ Connect and turn up the volume! It’s that easy.

Each RABX2 Bluetooth Audio mixer was custom programmed for room identification. Budo – Yoga, Budo – Spin, and Budo – Bootcamp


Project Details