Restaurant and Bar Sound Systems

Best Design Practices

Best Design Practices for a Restaurant and Bar Sound System

Improve Sound, Decrease Maintenance costs, Lower Installation Costs

Installation — An Octasound Speaker System can be installed in significantly less time than a 70V line system. Saving you time and money
The Sound — Octasound has a big advantage in fidelity, even dispersion and smoothness. The difference is striking.
Electronic Ease of Use — Octasound is intuitive and easy to operate.  Avoid confusing menus, digital dilemmas, or calls to an IT specialist.
Durability — Octasound Systems are built using the highest quality components.
Technologically Obsolete​ — Octasound does not suffer from end of life cycles. Software based systems have a lifespan and will always expire.
Can it be hacked? —  The potential for mischief is increasing all the time but it’s no concern at all with an Octasound System.
Renting your facility — An Octasound System makes it easy to provide an in-house PA solution for your customers.
Color – Match your decor. Custom colors other than standard black and white are available.

View an Octasound Restaurant Sound System Design Example


A typical restaurant / bar sound systems design uses 70 Volt distribution and requires a large number of speakers to compensate for a lack of quality and audio dispersion capability. 70 Volt designs require extra components, reduces sound quality and significantly increases installation labor.

An Octasound speaker installation removes the requirements for 70 Volt distribution.  A single Octasound speaker can replace ten to twenty 70 Volt based speakers and cover a restaurant / bar with clear, high fidelity sound.  Component cost and installation time drop dramatically.

The Sound Quality

70 Volt speakers frequently use inexpensive drivers and transformers resulting in poor low-frequency response and thin overall sound. In a noisy restaurant or bar, this often makes for audio that is more irritating than enjoyable. These systems have power restrictions and cannot be used beyond their preset power settings.

Octasound’s sound is relaxed, full-range, evenly dispersed. Excellent for either music or speech. With no power restriction, Octasound systems can play louder when needed without distortion. Add an Octasound OS2X12 subwoofer for full range sound. Customers will have a pleasant music experience. The system can also move into a more club-like experience, if needed, without the need for rented sound equipment.

Electronics Ease of Use

With other systems software dependent devices are often used for audio controls. They require staff training, software maintenance, and making sure the tablet is always charged and available.

Octasound controllers are 12V DC powered and always on. There is no charging or software to maintain. The design is simple and intuitive with clear labeling.  Change the audio source with one knob and change the volume with the other knob. Simple, effective and dependable. Octasound controllers are permanently installed and easy to locate.


Complex digital systems have more points of failure and use plastic panels or glass screened tablets which can be easily broken or stolen. Maintaining and reprogramming digital controllers can be very expensive.

Octasound’s controls provides fewer points of failure and our control panels are anodized aluminum with permanently etched markings. We use sealed metal volume controls for long-term, noise-free performance. Octasound’s products have lasted 20 plus years in the industry without service. Our true commercial grade modules have no theft value.

Technologically Obsolete

Digital audio products are discontinued all the time, just like computers and operating systems. They require updates and security patches for maintenance and support will become limited or unavailable when the equipment is discontinued.  Expensive system replacement may be required to repair. Compatibility with other manufacturers is not guaranteed.

Octasound Electronic Modules never expire or require firmware / software updates.  They interface with any device that has a headphone jack or audio output. Octasound is forever compatible with other manufacturer’s audio equipment.

Hacking Vulnerability

Operating systems, software, and networks are under constant threat from hackers. Without regular updates and security patches, your audio system could be vulnerable.

Octasound systems work without software or network connections. Hacking is not an issue.

Extra Income – Renting your Restaurant / Bar

Interfacing into a complex, software-based audio system can be very complicated with every setup requiring system orientation and user training. Staff time and expertise is often required.

Octasound systems provide simple and reliable access so that customers renting the space for weddings, parties, meetings etc. can easily use it for announcements and/or music. Just plug in and adjust volume as needed. Renting external sound equipment is not required.

Speaker Color

Black and white speakers are the standard two choices with the majority of plastic molded cabinets.

Octasound speaker color can be customized to match your restaurant or franchise colors.  Standard black and white are also available.