Sasquatch Strength Gym

Sasquatch Strength Gym

Project Description

Sasquatch Strength Gym Selects Octasound for their entire Sound System

A world class workout and fitness education franchise.

I have been super happy with my Octasound gym sound system. Our location has received many compliments on the Octasound sound quality and the look of the set up. KDM / Octasound was super helpful in the setup process and answering all of my questions that I had along the way. I have recommended you to the corporate Sasquatch Strength and it is my understanding that the Octasound Gym sound system that we installed will now become the standard for future franchises that open.

John Hickman – Sasquatch Strength

The Equipment.

Main Gym

  • 2 x SP800A speakers for crystal clear Mids and Highs.
  • 1 x OS2X12 Subwoofer for deep sensation bass.
  • 1 x RAMX2 Microphone and Aux mixer installed in our SMLV-1-LD locking case
  • 1 x RABX2 Bluetooth and Aux Mixer Custom pairing ID “Sasquatch Strength
  • 1 x RUSBX2 Low voltage convenient USB charger for smartphones and tablets
  • 1 x RASX4 source selector – CH1 – ROCKBOT, Ch2 – TV’s, CH3 – GYM MIXERS (RAMX2 and RABX2), CH4 – Spare
  • Above Controls and mixers all  mounted in  2 x SMLV-2 surface mount cases.

Secure Location

  • QSC Gx5 Amplifier – CH1 – 2 x SP800A, CH2 – 1 OS2X12
    Programmed internal crossover with maximum levels preset. Front panel locked out for tamper proof install.
  • 1 x ART EQ 215 Equalizer CH1: SP800A’s CH2: OS2X12
  • 1 x RS6 shelf to house the RASX4 source selector main circuit board.
  • 1 x Furman power conditioner.
  • 1 x Gator Pro Rack 4 RU’s

Project Details