RAAX2™ – 2 Channel 100 Watt Amplifier

30 Watts / Channel @ 8 Ohms 50 Watts / Channel @ 4 Ohms *
2 Modes of operation: stereo or mixer mode
Large coverage area – Connect up to 4 speakers (2 per channel)
Auxiliary power output for powering modules RAMX2 and RABX2
Bass and treble controls for each channel +/- 14dB
Short circuit and thermal protection
Balanced or unbalanced inputs
Mute circuit – normally open
Installs in a standard outlet or electrical switch box
Highest quality components throughout
Double anodized markings will not fade or wear off
Weather-resistant design


Compact and Powerful Audio Amplifier!
The RAAX2 remote audio amplifier is only 2.75″ W x 4.5″ H x 1.4″ D and capable of delivering an incredible 100 Watts!

Auxiliary Power
15 Vdc auxiliary power to power RABX2 bluetooth and Aux mixers, the RAMX2 Mic and Aux mixer, or both combined!

Available in 2 Options.

Option 1: Rear volume controls. Set and restrict the maximum volume of the RAAX2 amplifier.

Option 2: Front volume controls. Use this option for a 1 or 2 zone sound system. In a 2 zone configuration, each volume control adjusts the zones audio volume. In a mixer configuration, each volume can be used for 2 separate sources. Eg. Background Music channel 1, TV channel 2.

Toughest Built Electronics In the Industry. 
KDM models have lasted 20 plus years in the field. They are built tough for the installation environment to provide years of service. We use solid metal plates and anodized markings that never wear off. The volume controls use conductive plastic and are sealed from outside elements. They will never oxidize and cause issues with sound quality.

Technology without custom software / programming!
The product never expires. KDM does not use any software or require product specific installation / operational training classes. When you buy KDM products you actually own it, not the installer or manufacturer.

Easy to operate, easy to install.
Installation requires a screwdriver and wire strippers.

Install them anywhere.
The Octasound RAAX2 can be placed anywhere in a facility and fits into a standard single gang electrical box.

Hearing assist Ready
An additional constant level output provides a means to supply the RABX2 audio to a separate Zone or Hearing assist system. When the RABX2™ volume is adjusted it will not adjust the other zone / hearing assist system.

Technical Specifications General
Power Output: 30 Watts / Channel @ 8 Ohms
50 Watts / Channel @ 4 Ohms
Dimensions: 4.5″H x 2.75W x 1.4″D
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 k Hz Input Connector: Terminal Block
Maximum Input Levels: .5 Vrms Output Connector: Euroa Style Terminal Block – 2 x Orange
Power In Connector: Euro Style Terminal Block – 1 x Black
THD+N: .1% (VCC = 21V f=1 kHz, PO = 25W) Power Required: Local power via AC/DC adapter 15 to 24 Vdc. 1 to 5 amps.
Signal To Noise: -102 dB (Max output at THD+N < 1%, f = 1kHz, Gain = 20 dB) Aux Power Connector: Terminal Block
Crosstalk: -100 dB (VO = 1 Crms, Gain = 20dB, f = 1 kHz) Mute Connector: Terminal Block
Gain: 17 dB (150 mv to 1.0 v)
Aux power out: 15Vdc / 1 Amp
Input Sensitivity: 30.5 dB
Input Impedance: 11kOhms
Tone Controls: Bass and Treble +/- 14dB