Ice Haus Arena At Jay Peak Ski Resort

Ice Haus Arena At Jay Peak Ski Resort

Hockey Arena Sound System at the Ice Haus Jay Peak Ski Resort

In early 2012 KDM approached the Ice Haus Arena about their existing sound system. The sound system consisted of 5 speakers. 1 over each corner faceoff circles and a subwoofer in the middle. The entire system required a whopping 1000 watt amplifier. The end result was very thin sound and lacking any real punch. Dennis Himes from the Ice Haus invited KDM to visit and discuss what could be done with their sound system. KDM’s proposal – Why don’t we set up a demo for you at the Ice Haus. If you like it – it’s yours.

The end result – When the SP860A Octasound speaker was demonstrated at center Ice the staff at, without hesitation, started removing the old system. KDM didn’t even have time to adjust the equalizer. Here is what Dennis Himes had to say.

The Ice Haus went from a mediocre sound system at best, to clear and crisp sound with the Octasound system installed. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and their knowledge within the industry.

~Dennis Himes
Ice Haus Arena Manager