Warehouse Factory Sound System for Both Paging and Music

53 Full range speakers replacing 1060 Horns.

Design Goals

  • Cover a large warehouse (approx 600′ x 450′) for paging and background music.
  • Reduce number of speakers to lower overall costs.
  • Provide two locations for controls. Office and an in warehouse location for employee functions.
  • Office location to control source of Background Music Provider, Aux input, Bluetooth input, Microphone and Emergency Canned Messaging
  • Provide an Aux, Bluetooth and Microphone input at a warehouse wall location for employee seminars / training.
  • Input controls must not rely on software and will not require any maintenance or updates.

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Product Selection


  • 53 x SP800A Octasound 360 x 180 8″ Ceiling speaker.
    • Replaces Approx 1060 Horn type speakers
    • SP800A speakers will easily provide full audio coverage for this environment.
    • Clear crisp voice reproduction without the tinny annoying typical horn quality
    • Easy to install out of the box.
    • Less wiring and labour required.
  • TX32A Transformer 
    • Speaker transformer to be tapped at 32 watts for each speaker.
    • Provides a method for several speakers to wired in parallel.


  • 1 x 2000 Watt 70V Dual channel amplifier.
    • Bare essentials 70V amplifier for long lasting day to day use.
    • 2000 Watts of power with enough headroom for expansion or increase in wattage / speaker where needed.

Input Devices and Controls – Control Room

  • Octasound RABX2 – Bluetooth™ and aux input plate.
    • Intuitive and easy to operate. Plug in or pair a device and adjust volume.
    • Conductive plastic, metal shaft, sealed volume controls will not rust or oxidize.
    • Double anodized aluminum. Product markings are permanent and will not wear off.
    • Can be installed anywhere an input is required and up 1000 ft away from amplifier.


SP800A Speaker Layout 53 Speakers (600' x 450')

Warehouse/ Factory Sound System Speaker Layout
Sound System - DPR Construction Warehouse Austin
Sound System - DPR Construction Warehouse Austin
Sound System - DPR Construction Warehouse Austin
Sound System - DPR Construction Warehouse Austin
Warehouse Sound System - SP820A Octasound
Warehouse Sound System - SP820A Octasound

Our friends at DPR wanted amazing sound in their warehouse. It’s a HUGE warehouse and we decided there was only one answer, Octasound!

Our team was blown away at how amazing it sounds in there now and the client is thrilled.

5 x SP820A speakers replaced over 200 ceiling type speakers.

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